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请点此链接注册:https://goo.gl/forms/4rYREHyHY3ym9agU2 现场提供晚餐及软饮料 请携带纸板简历 宣讲人:程鑫 教授 (南方科技大学材料科学与工程系系主任) About SUSTech Southern University of Science and Technology is a public university founded in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China. It is intended to be a top-tier international university that excels in interdisciplinary research, nurturing innovative talents and delivering new knowledge to the world. It has been widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator in collectively moving China's higher education forward to match China's ever-growing role in the inter national arena. Currently, SUSTech totally has 268 teachers, 14 academicians, 12 ‘Changjiang’ scholars, 34 ‘Thousand Talents’ and more than 60 ‘Thousand Youth Talents’. In 2016, 14 scholars successfully gained the title of ‘Thousand Youth Talents’ by applied through SUSTech, which ranked No. 9 among all univ ersities and institutes in China. In 2016, SUSTech has achieved a number of breakthrough results: undertaken 197 research projects with total funds of CNY 372 million (about CNY 2 million per faculty member); in ‘Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars’ supplement, SUSTech ranked No. 62 among the top 100 countries and institutions with the most remarkable growth of high quality research papers (the growth rate is up t o 2442.5%, ranking No. 3 in the world). Welcome all young scholars at home and abroad to register and consult ! (To learn more about SUSTech, please visit http://www.sustc.edu.cn/) 南方科技大学简介 南方科技大学是由中国广东省领导和管理、深圳市举全市之力创办的一所全日制公办高等学校。作为国家高等教育体制改革的试验学校,南科大将为中国新型现代大学的制度建设发挥示范效应。 南科大目前教师总数268位,其中院士14位,长江学者12位,千人计划人才34位,青年千人计划人才60余位。2016年以我校为依托单位成功申请到青年千人14名,居全国第九名,成绩瞩目。2016年,南科大取得多项突破性的成果:获得各级各类科技项目总计197项, 总获批经费3.72亿元, 人均项目费约200万元;“自然指数2016新星榜”增刊显示,在全球100家高质量科研论文增长最显著的国家和机构中。南科大排名第62位,增速高达2442.5%,排全球第3位。 欢迎海内外青年学者踊跃报名和咨询! Faculty Positions in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering: South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is seeking applicants for tenure-track or tenured faculty positions at all ranks in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. We are interested in candidates with expertise in the broad areas of materials science and engineering, including but not limited to, theoretical and computational materials science, aerospace materials, energy materials, information (electronic, optical and magnetic) materials, biomaterials, and advanced materials manufacturing and characterizations. Applicants are expected to manage an independent research program in their fields and be committed to excellence in teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Candidates for tenured positions must be established scholars with national and international recognitions. We offer internationally competitive salaries and benefits. We also provide ample start-up resources for equipment and personnel. Qualified candidates for Thousand Talent Program, the Peacock Program or other talent programs will receive additional support from the central and municipal governments. A PhD degree in related fields, an excellent track record in research and good communication skill are required. Application must be submitted online to http://talent.sustc.edu.cn. Applicants should also submit the following documents toqinsh@sustc.edu.cn or liurx@mail.sustc.edu.cn. (1) Curriculum vitae, including full publication list (2) Research interests and a statement of research plan (3) Teaching interests (4) Copies of three representative publications (5) Three reference letters About us The Department of MSE at SUSTech engages in a broad scope of advanced materials research, including energy materials, organic and inorganic electronics, sensors and actuators, biomaterials, polymer composites, nanomaterials, micro- and nanofabrication, as well as additive manufacturing. The development of the MSE program addresses three areas: the frontiers of materials research; the national strategic development plan in materials area; and the research and development needs of the local industries in the Pearl River Delta and Shenzhen municipality. The Department strives to achieve a leading role in both knowledge discovery and technology transfer. The Department has established 18 research labs, 4 of which are Shenzhen key laboratories. Besides, the Department’s two research teams have been selected as Shenzhen Overseas High-Caliber Team. (To learn more about us, please visit http://mse.sustc.edu.cn/) 南方科技大学材料科学与工程系教授招聘 南方科技大学材料科学与工程系诚邀海内外优秀学者加盟!诚招理论与计算材料科学、航空航天材料、能源材料、信息(电子,光学和磁性)材料、生物材料、先进材料制造和表征。 应聘者应具有相关学科的博士学位和优秀的学术发表记录,并具备出色的沟通和教学能力。终身职位的候选人必须为国家和国际认可的知名学者。南方科技大学为受聘教授提供具有国际竞争力的薪酬和福利,优越的科研环境,以及充裕的科研启动资金。千人计划、孔雀计划等其他人才项目获选人将获得中央及深圳市给予的额外资金支持。 应聘者请登录南方科技大学在线招聘网站http://talent.sustc.edu.cn直接提交申请,并将下述申请材料的电子版打包发送至qinsh@sustc.edu.cn 或 liurx@mail.sustc.edu.cn: 1 个人简历(包括完整的学术论文列表), 2 研究兴趣与计划陈述, 3 教学理念陈述, 4 五篇代表性论文全文, 5 三封推荐信。 材料科学与工程系未来发展规划将兼顾前沿科学性、国家学科战略发展规划、及广东省和深圳市的产业布局,重点发展能源材料与器件、有机电子、生物和医学材料、信息材料、软物质材料、航空航天材料、高端制造技术(包括粉末冶金和增材制造)、微纳结构加工与应用等八个方向,力争十五年内建成国际知名的材料学科研究基地。目前共有集成宏电子实验室、先进材料-微纳结构调控与应用实验室、清洁能源材料制备实验室、绿色可再生能源实验室、印刷有机晶体管和电路实验室等17个实验室,其中深圳市重点实验室4个,孔雀团队2个。