[HCSSA] 对话“体育名嘴”刘建宏:从央企到民企,带着光环创业感受如何?
Time : Mon Apr 11 2016 04:30 AM
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主讲人 刘建宏 乐视体育首席内容官。毕业于中国人民大学新闻系,著名体育主持人、足球评论员,前央视体育频道《足球之夜》《天下足球》制片人、主持人,曾获得播音主持界最高荣誉——“金话筒”奖。2014年8月,刘建宏选择走出传统媒体,加盟乐视体育,开启了他职业生涯的“下半场”。作为首席内容官,刘建宏负责乐视体育频道内容产品的制作和运营。在他的带领下,乐视体育已是全球最大的体育赛事直播平台,共拥有200多项赛事,全年直播10000多场比赛,包括美国职棒大联盟(MLB)及中超等热门内容;由他担任主持的《超级比赛日》等自制节目,取得了良好的收视效果,并实现对十几家电视台的反向输出。 Jianhong Liu Chief Content Officer, LeSports In August 2014, Mr. Liu Jianhong joined LeSports, the independently funded subsidiary of global technology giant, LeEco. As the Chief Content Officer, Mr. Liu oversees all content production and operations. Under his leadership, LeSports has evolved into China’s leading Internet-based eco-sports company, with media and broadcast rights for over 200 sporting events and 10,000 matches annually including exclusive rights to Major League Baseball games in China, Hong Kong and Macau; the English Premier League in Hong Kong, and more. Mr. Liu is a renowned sports anchor and color commentator in his own right. At CCTV Sports, China’s largest sports broadcaster, he served as producer and anchorman of Soccer Night and World Soccer, and was a recipient of the Golden Microphone Award, the highest honor in the broadcast industry. Currently, he hosts and produces a series of acclaimed programs for LeSports, including Super Match Day, which is syndicated by over a dozen TV stations across China. Mr. Liu graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication at Renmin University of China. This event is organized by the Harvard Chinese Students and Scholars Association and supported by the Harvard Graduate Student Council.